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With Love from Italy

Italy is not only known due to its romantic destinations, it also holds great significance due to its fashion industry. Just the “Made in Italy” tag on a fashion item means that it will run out of shelves sooner than you would expect. You must have heard about Milan Fashion Week, not only it is the most celebrated event due to the fact that high-end fashion brands showcase their¬† creativity, but also due to its association with Italy, the fashion mecca of the world.

The fashion in Italy has the originality and many brands to date in some way produce hand-made products. However, fashion and Italy share a connection that goes back all the way to eleventh century. Italians have been long known for their elegant dressing. Individuals living within Italy cherish the advantage of wearing easily available Italian apparel due to the luxurious feeling it renders. The original smell of leather and the brush of Italian fabric leaves a soothing effect on the buyer, let alone the reverence it gives you when you wear it.

In the contemporary world, most businesses, even in the fashion industry are manufacturing their products for masses, however, the fashion industry in Italy does not work like this. It caters a niche market with specialized products. The aim is not to have the highest number of sales in units but to keep the Italian heritage alive. Italy has always maintained its uniqueness when it comes to apparel and clothing. Not only Italy is famous for well-known fashion brands but also it has the fashion magazines like Donna Moderna and Vogue Italia that have taken the task of propagating Italian fashion.

Not denying the fact that fashion from Italy is expensive, but people from all walks of life love Italian fashion. Have you not seen a Prada bag with an additional A? And the funny part is that someone will definitely buy it. This is because everyone wants to own that Italian brand. Many of the people around you would not know if any specific brand has Italian origin, but if they are given a chance to get their hands on Italian brands like Prada and Gucci, they certainly won’t say no. What makes Italian fashion unique is Italian handcrafted items that are made with love. If Italian designers would ever decide to batch produce, most of their customers would be aggrieved. In a world where most people copy each other, we all, at heart, want to look and feel different, unique and lovable.

Italian dressing is the epitome of elegance. Italy has traditionally been the hub of innovation in fashion as the craftsmen in Italy were known for textile production, luxury leather designing, high quality tailoring and paying attention to intricate details. Have you ever tried to watch a movie without the background music? Please don’t! You would not be able to concentrate. The intricate details and designing is like that background music that is necessary for the product, even if they do not capture your attention directly. This is the beauty of Italian artisans, whatever they create, it’s full of passion, adoration and charm that allures you at first sight.

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