Italian Fashion

Why Old Fashion is the new Fashion?

The Hollywood glamour of Rome, Milan, and Florence of sharply tailored dresses, embroidered skirts, light blouses, and flower hats and metal pins and buttons on male side has grown too old on the Italian ramps but still twirls many brands to hold it. Italian fashion is the highly hyped one from the days of the 90s heyday. Old names and big pockets from Italian fashion are still hovering over the world with the best fashion apparels.

Italy is home to some of the biggest brands around the globe. With holding Prada and Gucci in its heart from ages, Italy is tremendously appealing for shoppers with big pockets. Nowadays, brands rule the game and locals do adopt. Fortunately, Italy has been lucky enough to reawaken its old-school fashion of flower hats, hand-embroidered skirts, and shirts, feathered and metallic earrings with the backbone of top-notch brands.

Italian traditional old fashion is the new fashion

Italian traditional fashion is back in the fashion market. From big names to local markets, traditional vibes of Italian fashion are high on stealing the limelight on every walk. However, the old discrimination is back too. The reawakening of old traditional Italian clothing has also reawakened the traditional way of differentiating between the two classes through the way of clothing.

In current days, the always celebrated Italians are more likely to strike a peasant look with some transformations to make it trendy enough. The old-school look of peasant attires is back on the ramps with a twist of slightly sharp tailored cuts and heavy jewels. Women with traditional European fashion preference wear long flared dresses stitched on velvet and silk paired with high heels and heavy ear-jewelry. However, the trend of staying low on the neck pieces is back too. Color school is preferably bright calling back to 90s.

The romanticism of Rome is back in the town with long skirts, sunflower dresses and wider pants on short blouses. Italians these days can be easily recognized with the same old-school fashion. Hot chic handbags and cross bodies are both in fashion and trendy.

Renaissance in the Old Italian apparel also became popular once again due to the importance they hold. The country has had many icons of beauty like Lina Cavalieri, Virginia Oldoini etc. with whom every Italian woman wants to be related–thus follow their footprints in the walk of fashion. The heritage of any nation is what always distinguishes it from others and the Italian fashion trends are one the powers that the Italian heritage possesses among many others.

Lastly, the traditional style of decent women walking the streets of Milan wearing ankle length pastel-colored dresses with a clutch in hand and a hat having a flat square section covering their neck and the back of their head is also not pedaled-back yet.

Italian old-school of fashion is not only open in a single book. Rather, from big names of Gucci, Stella jeans, Prada, and the list continues to local marketers, the traditional fashion is open in every book. Italian old is the trendy Italian new because of its traditional and top-tier names support.

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