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Style Tips: How to Dress like an Italian on a Budget?

Every woman hopes and desires to dress fashionably so that she can bask in the glory. However, one of the biggest misconceptions that exist about fashion is that it requires a lot of money.

This general assumption, which hardly holds any grain of truth, has made many women with tight budgets self-conscious about their dressing sense.

It’s true that not every woman can afford luxury Italian brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi etc, which honestly, is totally fine! There is no rulebook that says you can only look fashion-forward if you wear dresses from expensive clothing brands.

In fact, there are many Italian brands that make more than great alternatives for all the women out there who can’t afford expensive designers clothes. Sometimes what really matters it is how to combine the clothes together, a fashion outfit can stand all type of occasion is what really matters.

Are you curious to know how you can look stylish if you are on a cramped budget? Read this post then and do not forget to browse and pick your outfit at! You can find ideas and products at your own budget and look amazing just in few clicks.


Dixie is an Italian brand that features multiple lines for all kinds of occasions. Its Black Line comprises clothing pieces such as sexy printed blazers and flattering A-line dresses. So, if you are looking for affordable office wear or a party dress, consider this option.

The brand also features the Gold Label which has dresses perfect for a cocktail party. Go for amazing glittery cocktail frocks or long stunning dresses to make everyone’s head turn at any party.

You will also find cool striped tees and loose dresses in the White Label section which are perfect for casual outings. Make sure that you seal the look with a classic watch and neat shoes to appear as a classic Italian.

Patrizia Pepe (coming soon in the outfit collection at

If you are looking for an elegant wear that is stylish at the same time, choose Elisabetta Franchi. The best thing about this designer brand is that you can look super chic without showing off too much skin.

Wearing this fabulous brand’s clothes will make you stand out from the crowd as every cloth piece is super feminine and boasts impeccable silhouettes. Elisabetta Franchi’s dresses will help you show off your figure in the most flawless way; which all fashionable Italian women are famous for!

Max Mara (coming soon in the outfit collection at

If you are looking for simple and sophisticated dresses, Max Mara is the brand for you. Max Mara has a wide range of variety including all sorts of beautiful long/short dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, blouses, pants, top wear, and skirts.

Wearing Max Mara will make you feel and look both stylish and refined. It mostly features solid color dresses and if you are a fan of an-all one color dress, you can seriously consider this super affordable brand.


Inverso features fabulous casual affordable clothes that you can wear to a family/friends get-together or simply when you are going out for lunch.

Women can find affordable yet stylish clothing options like a halter-neck tie waist dress, floral print flared dress, off-shoulder dresses, wide-leg cropped trousers, cropped flared trousers, floral sundresses etc. Wearing any of these clothes will make your casual look super awesome.

See, you needn’t require luxury brands to look super-stylish. These affordable Italian brands will bring out the fashion diva within you and keep your budget on track too!

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