My Italiana:

From concept – to Ideas – To YOU.

Founder FDS started MyItaliana because couldn’t find affordable, stylish, fashionable clothes and accessories “Made in Italy” while living in San Diego, CA.

By day I am a mom, a wife and an industrial engineer who works full time. By night I run MyItaliana, but I am still a wife and a mom“. Hence life can get pretty busy sometimes to shop the style you look for.

After many trips to the malls, surfing the internet and getting Italian items from friends and family visiting from Italy, I decided to finally start importing the Italian brands that can make you feel sophisticated, gorgeous and well dressed for every kind of occasion.

I want to be here to offer you only selected items that can make you glamour and being asked “wow, where did you get this?

If you don’t know what to wear for a business event, a party, a brunch or a cocktail evening, I don’t want you to be worried about that.. I am here to help, I have got you covered!