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5 Hottest Italian Destinations On Your Itinerary If You Love Food, Fashion, and Cocktails

From scorching shores of Adriatic and Riviera to the Alpine mountains, Leonardo de Vinci’s masterpiece, and glacial lakes, Italy is the most hard-to-navigate tourism spot worth a visit in your lifetime. The country boasts Mediterranean coastline with the most diversified geographical location. Well, if you are the one with the most exhilarating bum for food, fashion, and cocktails, then Italy should be your ultimate destination for some gelato romanticism, splurging over Italian apparels, and coolest yet happiest beach parties and nightclubbing.

Mark the following 5 places as the must-visit hottest destinations on your itinerary and the Italian lust will forever last in your taste buds.


Naples is the third-largest city in Italy. Naples is indeed a foodie’s station by birth. It is where the first Italian pizza was baked. At Naples, People from all around the globe are at the pilgrimage to treat their taste buds with a slice of the delicious oven-fired pizza topped with San Marzano tomatoes along with heavy mozzarella garnishing cooked to desirable Italian chewy perfection. The atmosphere of Naples is casual and comfortable. You can look dazzling with boyfriend style jeans and a pair of sexy heels. Deep colors grab the attention everywhere in Naples – be it the streets or the nightclubs.

Cinque Terre:

Famed for the vineyard-laced terrace and delicious seafood, this pearl of Italy is one of the most enthralling sites for people to visit. From all over the globe, you can mix in its beauty like a native. This place is perfect to get your swim wears out. The chics here wear heels, but the steep roads favor trendy flats and slippers.

Italy Fashion Wear

So if you plan on hopping around most of the time, make sure you take some cool flip flops and comfy flats. However, if you would like to mingle in the high end urban lifestyle of the city, you’ll need some classy and chic pieces, preferably from big brands to be able to follow the fashion rules.


They say, “when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That’s true and this is the best way to explore Rome in its real essence. From food to fashion to cocktails and adventures, Rome has a lot of variety. From high heels to designer dresses and chic bags to some very cheap, stylish and affordable Italian outfits, Rome is a one-stop shopping destination for the ones who are fond of the Italian lifestyle. Indulge yourself into the romanticism of Rome with a bite of gelato walking along the breath-taking finest designers’ boutiques and budget-friendly local shopping spots.


Milan is a popular shopping destination in Italy, and is also touted as the global hub of fashion. So when you’re in Milan, you will have to keep your fashion game strong.

Italian Dresses

From the oldest shopping mall in the city dating back to 1867, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Milan is one of the most significant Italian spots for high-end fashion. Yet, it doesn’t only treat extravagant and free-spending hands. If you are looking forward to not spending a fortune, visit the famous city center in Milan for some reasonable long flowered skirts, replica chic handbags, and strawflower hats to live and dress like an Italian on your vacation.

Milan’s approach to fashion can be summed up as ‘classy and elegant.’ If you want to gel in with the crowd, pack in some stylish dress, jackets, shoes, shades, bags and hats in pastel and neutral colors, and everything you have from Prada, Gucci, and Versace. These will come in handy for you to dress up like a Milan local.


Venice is the heart of Italy. Most romantic location in the world – perfect to visit with your significant other! Sip spritz and real Bellini on a roof-top setting. Straw hats and skirts with flowery and elaborated patterns is like a cherry on top for the dazzling woman you are. For the warm weather of Venice, t-shirts and knee-length dresses both do well. Be specific on the patterns – keep them floral. Blue jeans are a perfect fit to wear with any kind of tee and will make you look great in photos too.

Italiana LifestyleAlso, there are a lot of eateries, ranging from extravagant 5-star hotels to local cafés and food joints, where you can devour the real taste of Italy. Make it a point to get the real taste of the pasta heaven in the world, sip on the best wines Venice has to offer and make your visit worth it.      


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